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The Private Online Community for Families of 8th-12th Grade Athletes Who Want to Own Their Athletic & Academic Future.
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You know that phrase, "you are who you surround yourself with'? Well, it's true. 

Your environment breeds results and that's why inside, you’re going to have access to a private community of expert mentors, invested parents, and determined student-athletes ready to teach, learn, uplift, and empower each other on towards achieving athletic, academic, and personal success for your athlete. If you're looking for your people, this is the community for like-minded athletic families.

Join The Community of Determined Student-Athletes and Their Supportive Families.


The road to athletic success starts here. As a Varsity Club member, your family unlocks access to a supportive community and extensive library of world-class training resources. Through weekly group coaching calls, you'll gain the tools to crush your goals athletically, academically, and personally.

No more guessing games - let us provide the clear, proven path for 8th-12th grade athletes to get ahead of the competition, sidestep costly mistakes, and realize your immense potential.

You'll gain:

  • Structured curriculum to rapidly improve your skills, strategy, and mindset

  • Direct access to ask questions and get feedback in group coaching sessions

  • Connection with like-minded families striving for excellence

  • The ultimate advantage to stay motivated, focused, and confident every step Stop hoping for success - take the first step to start achieving it!

What You Will Get


The Student-Athlete Blueprint

Unlock the secrets of college recruiting with our exclusive monthly master class designed for driven student-athletes and their parents. From crafting a standout personal brand and mastering the recruitment process to securing scholarships and thriving both on and off the field, our expert-led sessions guide you through every step. Elevate your game, academically and athletically, to secure your place at your right-fit college. Join us to transform potential into success. Click here to see the monthly curriculum.


Live "Masterclass" Monthly Calls

In our master class session, we'll explore the latest topics from the "Student-Athlete Blueprint," applying these insights to personalize your athlete's development plan. Expect actionable strategies, tailored advice, and expert analysis (from us and/or special guests) to enhance performance, academic success, and recruitment prospects. 


Private Community

A dedicated, safe, and positive space for athletes and their families to connect, share, and grow together. Here, you'll find a nurturing environment rich with resources, from expert advice on navigating the recruitment process and balancing academics with athletics, to personal development and career planning. Engage in meaningful discussions, gain insights from exclusive webinars, and access a wealth of content tailored to empower your athlete's journey.


Live "Q&A" Monthly Calls

The Live Q&A Session is your opportunity to ask questions, seek advice, and clarify doubts directly related to your athlete's journey. We'll address your specific challenges and provide guidance to navigate the complex landscape of student-athlete development.

All I really knew is I wanted to play in college. DJ did his thing and helped me figure out what I want. There are different D1 levels and there are great D2 teams. He pushed me to think of my grades in terms of money in my pocket for an academic scholarship as well. I also just believe in myself alot more. Thanks D!

Robb D., HS Basketball Student-Athlete

The "Recruit-Ready" Curriculum

 We will cover 1 topic each month as well as personalize to your current timeline (i.e. freshman, sophomore, junior, senior). This is the most comprehensive blueprint and up-to-date coaching through the modern-day high school student-athlete journey.

Business of Sports Recruiting

  • Understanding the recruiting landscape as a market

  • Treating your athletic and academic career as a business

  • The importance of passion for the sport

Academic Excellence and Athletic Performance

  • Balancing academics and athletics: Strategies for success

  • Setting and achieving performance goals

  • Understanding NCAA eligibility requirements

Developing Your Personal Brand

  • Identifying your unique value proposition as a student-athlete

  • Building a compelling personal brand (online presence, social media, highlight reels)

  • Marketing yourself to college coaches and recruiters

Strategic Planning and Goal Setting

  • Creating a long-term vision for your athletic and academic career

  • Setting SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) goals

  • Developing a step-by-step action plan

Networking and Relationship Building

  • Cultivating relationships with coaches, mentors, and other athletes

  • Utilizing your "Board of Directors" (family, coaches, advisors) for guidance and support

  • The role of networking in finding opportunities

Leveraging Technology and Social Media

  • Using social media platforms to enhance visibility and connect with recruiters

  • Digital tools and resources for managing the recruiting process

Sales Techniques for the Student-Athlete

  • Selling your skills and potential to college programs

  • Communicating effectively with college coaches and recruiters

  • Negotiating scholarships and financial aid

Mental, Emotional, and Social Development

  • Building mental toughness and resilience

  • Managing stress, anxiety, and the pressures of being a student-athlete

  • Developing leadership and teamwork skills

  • Learning the Student-Athlete Operating System

Navigating the Recruiting Process

  • Understanding the recruiting timeline and key milestones

  • How to reach out to college coaches and make your application stand out

  • Official and unofficial visits: maximizing the experience

Preparing for College Life

  • Transitioning from high school to college athletics and academics

  • Time management, discipline, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle

  • Engaging with the campus community and leveraging collegiate resources

Making the Decision: Choosing the Right-Fit School

  • Evaluating colleges for the best academic, athletic, and social fit

  • The role of scholarships and financial considerations in your decision

  • Committing to a college and what comes next

Beyond College Sports

  • Life after college sports: career planning and continuous personal development

  • The lasting impact of the skills and mindset developed through sports recruiting

An Open Letter to Athletic Families

We're currently experiencing an unprecedented time in college sports with how wild recruiting and the transfer portal has become but determined student-athletes (just like you and yours) who want to capitalize off their talent are happily finding their "right-fit" college home. They're also building their athletic, academic, and mental skillsets - all while feeling supported, empowered, and confident.


But before I get into that allow me to introduce myself.

I'm DJ and over the course of 16 years I've been able to turn my roller-coaster D1 and professional journey, master's degree in counselling & sports psychology, and experience working with almost 1000 student-athletes into a scalable process that can now impact 1000's of families at one time. It wasn't easy. When my athletic career was all said and done, I was left wondering, "what just happened? What went wrong? Should I have done this or that?"


You know that moment when you say, "Things could have been so much different!"


Eventually, I came to realize, I DID ALL THE DIRTY WORK SO OTHERS DON'T HAVE TO.

Fueled by my new and definite purpose, I went all in on making sure other athletes had the knowledge and skillsets they truly need to realize their ultimate goal. I don't want you to have to look back in regret. I want you to look back beaming with pride knowing you were well-prepared and squeezed every ounce of juice from your athletic talent.

Today, I want to share with you perhaps the craziest revelation I picked up on this journey.

It's that my journey would have been a lot easier, streamlined, and more enjoyable if I was surrounded by like-minded people and mentors who were on the exact same journey as I was. Because your environment is EVERYTHING.

That's exactly why I decided to create The Varsity Club.


So, I can help concerned parents and determined student-athletes out there connect, learn, and work towards their collective goal of finding their college home as well as excelling mentally, physically, emotionally, and socially.

So, if you're ready to go all in on your athlete's highest goals, get the answers you need, feel confident in the decisions your making, and join a tribe of like-minded athletic families and experts in athlete development then "The Varsity Club" community is the place for you. 

The 4 Pillars of The Varsity Club

Where ambition meets expertise. Inside, you'll experience live group coaching sessions led by seasoned professionals, designed to elevate your game, strategy, and academic prowess on your journey to college athletics or professional sports. Hosted by a former D1, Mental Performance Coach, Recruiting Strategist, and asom sports founder - DJ Burns

College Recruitment Strategy

Gain access to exclusive live coaching on navigating the college recruitment landscape. Learn to effectively showcase your talents to college scouts, understand what colleges are looking for, and master the art of communication with college sports programs to secure your place on the team.

Academic & Compliance Support

Receive guidance on balancing academic excellence with athletic commitments, understanding NCAA compliance, and maintaining eligibility. Our live sessions and community support provide insights into managing the academic requirements of student-athletes aspiring for college sports.

Athlete Development Planning

Receive targeted advice on athleticism and mindset development tailored to your current goals. Engage with experts on crafting personalized training regimes that enhance your athletic performance, ensuring you stand out in competitive play and recruitment processes.

Life Skills & Career Planning

For athletes serious about their athletic and academic career, this aspect of our membership focuses on career planning within and outside of sports. Learn about personal branding, networking, and navigating the transition from college athletics to professional opportunities or alternative career paths.

Engage with a network of determined athletes and supportive families, sharing insights, triumphs, and challenges. This membership is your all-access pass to continuous development, community support, and insider knowledge, tailored for athletes and their parents aiming for the pinnacle of sports achievement.

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