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Welcome to your future.

Find the right plan for you!

  • Recruiting Game Plan

    Every month
    No More Hoping to Get Noticed - Command Their Attention
    Valid for 6 months
    • Start with comprehensive recruiting assessment
    • 1-on-1 calls every 2 weeks to implement customized plan
    • Unlimited email/text access to me for ongoing support
    • Take ownership of your recruitment!
    • Maximize your opportunities for offers and scholorships
    • How to identify best-fit college programs
    • How to effectively market yourself to coaches
    • Optimize your online profile to showcase unique abilities
    • Nailing visits, calls and interviews with confidence
    • Continually updating your game plan for new opportunities
    • And more!!!
  • Your Community!

    The Varsity Club

    Every month
    Stop Hoping for Success: Exclusive Coaching & Community for Aspiring College Athletes.
    • 2 Monthly Group Coaching Calls
    • Google Meet 1: Student-Athlete Blueprint (2nd Saturday)
    • Google Meet 2: Live Q&A (4th Saturday)
    • The ultimate advantage to stay motivated and focused
    • Structured curriculum to rapidly improve skills and mindset
    • Connection with like-minded families striving for excellence
    • Direct access to ask questions and get feedback in group coa
    • Ryzer TAP Athletic Mindset Assessment every 6 months
    • Epley API Performance Measurement ever 4 months
    • Skyrocket your mental toughness and well-being
    • Be in control of your recruiting process
    • Become a stronger communicator with coaches/scouts
    • Find your right-fit school
    • Master your academic requirements
    • Maximize scholarship opportunities
    • PARENTS: Become the leader your athlete wants and needs
    • Access to The #1 College Search Tool
    • Hosted by DJ Burns, M.Ed Sports Psych & Former D1 Athlete
  • The Mental Edge

    Every month
    The Ultimate Mental Conditioning for Peak Performance
    Valid for 6 months
    • Everything in the Recruiting Game Plan. PLUS.....
    • Upfront assessment of 10 athletic performance traits
    • Bi-weekly 1-on-1 video coaching to install mental training
    • Unlimited email/text access for guidance between sessions
    • Boost motivation, resilience, & composure under pressure
    • Achieve unshakable focus & confidence to elevate your game
    • Find limitless drive from your "Why" to fuel your obsession
    • Flush doubts/negativity to maintain relentless self-belief
    • Stay calm and focused when the game is on the line
    • Bounce back quickly from mistakes, injuries or setbacks
    • Learn how to make time & stress work for you


For those unwilling to leave their potential on the table.

The total immersive experience to develop you into a truly elite student-athlete - and human being.

Family Advising &
Team Consulting
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Office: Charlotte, NC

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