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I help high school and college student-athletes, along with their families, navigate the demanding world of sports and academics - with confidence and strategy.

Founder & Former D1,
DJ Burns

By focusing on holistic development - mental, physical, emotional, social, athletic & academic - I empower you to achieve your highest goals, secure college scholarships, and prepare for a successful future both in and out of sports all without the grind.

Through my signature "Recruit-Ready" coaching method and "Student-Athlete Operating System (SAOS)," along with personalized consulting, I guide you in overcoming challenges, managing fears, communicating effectively, and capitalizing on your unique strengths, ensuring you are supported at every step of the journey toward achieving your recruiting goals, athletic aspirations, academic targets, and balanced living.

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We build more advanced, better prepared athletes


We specialize in crafting personalized college recruitment strategies that spotlight each athlete's unique strengths and potential. We expertly help you navigate the complex recruitment landscape to connect athletes with collegiate programs that align with their skills, academic goals, and personal values.


We ensure that athletes and their families are well-informed and prepared at every step, from initial outreach to signing day, maximizing opportunities for scholarships and placements in college sports programs.


Our Athletic Development Planning service is designed to support athletes in reaching their peak performance levels. By assessing each athlete's current skills, athletic mindset, and physical capabilities, we develop tailored training and development plans that focus on improving mental readiness, emotional resilience, strength, endurance, and sport-specific skills. Our holistic approach ensures that athletes not only excel in their sport but also build a foundation for long-term athletic success and health.

Academic &

Understanding the critical role of academics in the life of a student-athlete, ASOM Sports Consulting provides comprehensive support in academic planning and NCAA compliance. We guide athletes and their families through eligibility requirements, academic standards, and the recruitment process to ensure a seamless transition from high school to college sports. Our aim is to empower athletes to excel both in their sport and in the classroom, maintaining eligibility and positioning themselves for academic and athletic scholarships.​


For athletes aspiring to play at the collegiate level or beyond, our Career Management service offers strategic guidance and support for their athletic and academic career. We work closely with our athletes and families to successfully turn their athletic and academic goals into reality. We also identify career opportunities for life beyond the game, leveraging their athletic experience to open doors to professional pathways. From personal branding and networking strategies to understanding the collegiate and professional sports landscape, we equip athletes with the tools and knowledge to navigate their careers successfully, during and after their competitive years.



The Varsity Club

The road to athletic success starts here. As a Varsity Club member, your family unlocks access to a supportive community and extensive library of world-class training resources. Through weekly group coaching calls, you'll gain the tools to crush your goals athletically, academically, and personally.


The Premier Mentorship Programs

Our Premier Programs provide a complete and customized roadmap. Through in-depth assessments and bi-weekly 1-on-1 coaching, we'll equip you with a year-by-year plan. Our Recruiting Game Plan gives you the strategy to command coaches' attention. The Mental Edge Program is the ultimate mental conditioning for peak performance.


The Elite Student-Athlete System

Your Comprehensive Pathway to Athletic Mastery & Lifelong Success For those unwilling to compromise, ASOM Sports' Elite System provides the total immersive experience to transform you into a truly elite student-athlete - and human being. This is your collegiate/pro launching pad.


DJ not only helped us navigate what to start looking for in colleges and teams but also helped Cody and our family to get our mental game stronger and deal with adversity day by day.

The Rogers Family, Baseball, NC

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