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From the beginning, asom sports has been completely focused on helping you capitalize on your athletic ability through elite athlete-focused family advising.

In the heart of asom sports consulting lies a deep understanding of the dreams, challenges, and ambitions that drive our athletes and families. Our foundation is built on a promise: to transform potential into excellence, guiding every athlete towards their ultimate goal with unwavering dedication and personalized support.


We don't just navigate; we illuminate the path to collegiate and professional success with unparalleled expertise in recruitment, development, and career strategy. Join us, and experience a partnership that elevates your journey, ensuring that your aspirations aren’t just reached, but exceeded.

DJ Burns

Founder, Principal

Former D1 and international athlete with a B.Sc. in Sports Management and M.Ed. in Sport and Applied Psychology. DJ has over 20 years of experience in high-level sports and 8 years working directly with athletes and their family to help shape their athletic and academic career.

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What Sets Us Apart

"Everything your athlete is thinking and feeling in their sport, I've been there. The only difference is that I didn't have the help you now have with us. It takes more than love for the sport and talent to carve out a successful career. The stakes are higher, and the opportunities are bigger than ever before. I love seeing a family implement a high-level strategy and make solid decisions that work out to be the best for their family. This is elite and personalized player-focused family advising." - DJ Burns, Founder

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